Digestive Cancer Surgery

Digestive Cancer surgery removes the tumor and nearby tissue during an operation of Gastrointestinal Tract by Laparoscopic or Open Technique.

Surgery done for Gastrointestinal cancer for

  • To diagnose cancer
  • To remove all or some of a cancer
  • To find out where the cancer is located & spread which difficult to diagnose in imaging.

Cancer treatment may vary depending upon the type of cancer, the stage of cancer, and the goal of treatment. Often, one or more treatment modalities may be used to provide the most complete treatment for the patient. At Kiran Hospital Oncology – Cancer Department, multidisciplinary treatment teams of medical & radiation oncologists are dedicated to the management of specific cancer types and sites through coordinated sub-specialty tumor boards and clinics.

Digestive Cancer Treatments

Colon Cancer

Lap / Open Colectomy

Liver Cancer

Left / Right Hepatectomy

Stomach Cancer

Lap / Open Gastrectomy

pancreas (1)
Pancreatic Cancer

Whipple's / Distal Pancretectomy

Esophageal Cancer

Lap / Open Esophagectomy

gallbladder (1)
Gall Bladder Cancer

Radical Cholecystectomy

Small Intestine
Small Bowel Cancer

Wedge Resection

Retroperitoneal Tumor


GI Cancer Surgery Gallery

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