Abdominal Emergency & Trauma Surgery

With Dr Dharmesh Dhanani years of experience, advanced training, and the extensive resources of one of Kiran hospital to give quick, accurate diagnosis and deliver quality, personalized surgical management for a broad range of common and unusual Abdominal Emergency & Trauma Surgery. No matter the cause, if you need surgery urgently, you need a team that’s skilled, ready and cool under pressure.

Doctor always work with the most up-to-date emergency technology, including advanced monitoring and diagnostic equipment at Kiran Hospital that allow us to perform procedures at the bedside when necessary.

Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) to provide the highest level of monitoring for critically ill patients, who often require unexpected or additional surgeries. This work demands continuous consultation and collaboration with other specialists and the development of a personalized plan of care for each patient.

All emergency services provided with polytrauma with Blunt Liver, Splenic & any abdominal organ injury with bone # & Head injury  by 24×7 full time availability of Superspecialist surgeons team.

24 x 7 Emergency Services Availability

Trauma & Emergency Surgery Gallery

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